Before climate change was in vogue…


Senator John McCainYears before the recent and fashionable “greening” of Democrats on Capitol Hill, Sen. John McCain, with Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), drafted legislation addressing global climate change. While their 2003 bill died a lukewarm death, the duo paved the way for meaningful political debate on the issue.

In 2007, Sen. McCain and Lieberman are at it again. Thier bill (SB 208) would address 80% of the greenhouse gases through carefully applied marketplace reforms and leveraging entrenprenurial ingenuity. The net result of thier program: an astounding 70% reduction in greenhouses gases by 2050.

Climate change is arguably the preeminent environmental problem (and potential disaster) of our era. Unlike many leaders who prefer the safety of political abeyance, Sen. McCain is leading the charge to grapple with this complex environmental Goliath.

“Our nation has both an obligation and self-interest in facing head-on the serious environmental, economic and national security threat posed by global warming.”

— Senator John McCain

Listen to Senator John McCain talk about climate change and the environment.

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