Bait and Switch


It’s not just for Walmart. The age-old storefront tactic of advertising for a lustrous product that is, in reality, not readily available thus forcing customers to buy a less desirable substitute is as organic to the body politic as it is to the retail industry. Yet, in politics, switch-and-baits are more than misleading irritants; instead, they can lead to disastrous consequences.

Sen. McCain refuses to delude us with such baited political fodder. (Hence, the enduring moniker: Maverick.) Rather, the seasoned statesman offers real, though not necessarily pretty, solutions for the difficult issues of today. Here’s just a few:

Bait: Exclusive investment in wind and plant-based alternative energy; What we’d get instead: A host of unpleasant surprises. A national fuel supply unable to satisfy market need, exorbitant prices sparked by the misdirected investments, expensive commutes, chilly winters, delayed response to carbon emissions and climate change. McCain’s solution: Diverse exploration and investment in energy solutions that includes the N-word. France (no, not France!) is powered 85% by nuclear energy. It’s cheap, clean, renewable and practically carbon-emissions free. A safe nuclear energy infrastructure requires considerable care and oversight, no doubt. But, as France demonstrates, this is achievable. And, lest we forget, the cumulative effects of wind and plant-based alternative energy development on the food supply, land-use, wildlife habitat and water quality are significant and should not be so easily disregarded.

Bait: Open borders and carte blanche amnesty for illegal immigrants; What we’d get instead: More of the same x 10. An estranged underclass, a deepening cultural chasm, increased burden on public services, rampant human exploitation, blatant disregard for the rule of law. McCain’s solution: Move beyond paralysis. Secure our borders. Create a temporary guest worker program for otherwise impossible-to-fill jobs. Rigorously enforce the law. Provide a means to remediate for unpaid services. Protect human dignity. McCain avoids the sweeping simplicities of “all or nothing” immigration policies that have utterly failed in the past. Instead, he proposes legislation that tackles the complexity of illegal immigration head-on. Read more about his policy in detail.

Bait: Immediate withdrawal from Iraq; What we’d get instead: Pandemonium. Contrary to the liberal Pollyanna perspective, the complex and increasingly hostile problems of Iraq and the greater Middle East can not be resolved spontaneously. In an era of inextricable global connections, such hostility infects stability and security worldwide, including in America. (The prospect for an isolated Island of America passed away with WWI.) McCain’s solution: Deal with Iraq now. Advance a realistic military and political strategy that can succeed. Strengthen economic and diplomatic relations with other nations in the region. Pressure recalcitrant provocateurs, like Iran and Syria. Look towards, not away from, alternatives that result in a safer, stabler, more prosperous, more democratic Middle East. The bottom line: pay now, or pay far, far more later. Click here to read the details.


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