The Siege


Nope, not in Baghdad. Not in Iran. Not even in the newly violence stricken corners of post-Katrina New Orleans. No, instead, the media’s recent siege takes aim at Sen. McCain’s shift to conventional campaigning.

A google search today reveals at least 296 news stories highlighting not the content of the McCain campaign, but rather it’s delivery. Collectively, it’s yet another sad installment of style trumping substance.

The volume of such news reporting is just as disconcerting as the content — with the largest papers, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, leading the pack. Its as if the media takes personal affront to any departure the McCain campaign might make from its previous (and hallowed) cowboy persona. Forget that shooting from the hip cost the Senator the ’00 election. Off-the-cuff remarks make for entertaining interviews and great headlines.

It’s SOP for the media to stock venues with hyperbole and unsubstantial reporting. What’s the big deal, really? Here’s what: given its omniscience in our everyday lives, the electorate is at-risk of letting the media decide their candidates for them. It’s a disturbing prospect under any circumstances, but especially so when considering the unique qualifications of Sen. John McCain. Though his campaign tactics may be different, the Senator’s vision, hope and leadership for the nation remain as astute, viable and vibrant as ever. To learn more about the substance of Sen. John McCain presidential vision, check out his website.


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