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Tired of all the fat that comes with the “other white meat?” Do you consider $500,000 for a teapot museum a wise investment of public dollars? How about $1.3 million for Alaskan berry research? Only my grandmother might agree. But if you’re a little more prudent with your finances and expect the same from our […]

We are a nation that runs on oil. No part of modern life is untouched by the unique properties of “liquid gold” — from gasoline to plastics to food to medicines. Our tremendous prosperity and opportunities are, in fact, dependent on it. Yet, we’ve learned there are steep price-tags attached to our dependency, namely climate […]

Sen. John McCain inaugurated his official candidacy this week with such vigor and vision that even the normally pejorative mainstream media took notice. See highlights below. Fox News’ Mort Kondracke: “McCain’s Announcement Speech Was The Best Of All The Announcement Speeches Made This Year … It Was Reaganesque.” “I thought McCain’s announcement speech was the […]

Though perches itself high upon a moral pedastal, thier simplified cries of outrage utterly fail to address (let alone identify) the complex problems facing Americans today. Ironically (or perhaps, logically), their latest target continues to tackle such core issues honestly and directly. In a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies tomorrow, […]

We’re at war. We face tough climate change and energy issues. Immigration problems aren’t going away. So why worry about fine print items like “judicial activism?” Because the practice undermines the fundamental principles of democracy. Judicial activism describes the tendency of liberal judges to rule on the morality of cases, rather than purely on constitutional […] is at it again. The truth is a merely incidental to thier new attack on Sen. McCain (and intelligence and integrity in general.) Check out the counterpoints at Blogs for McCain.

A Washington Times editorial today takes a close look at the 110th Congress’ Democratic leadership (or lack thereof) to-date. Moving the country forward seems more like a foggy campaign promise than a clear operating principle. Democrats are more interested in easy political theater than forging hard bipartisan consensus. A better moniker for the past three […]