The Gentleman Candidate


mcca21499a1.jpgQ. What do you call a man who respectfully refrains from lambasting the woman who deliberately betrayed him and his fellow POWs during the Vietnam War?

A. Gentleman.

While visiting with Florida veterans last week, Sen. John McCain declined to take pots shots at Jane Fonda when the subject arose. Rather than dredge up old hatreds and antagonisms, McCain instead referred to Fonda’s immaturity and gracefully moved on. Now, that my fellow Americans, is the mark of a Gentleman Candidate, a decent human being, a standard bearer…and of John McCain.

One Response to “The Gentleman Candidate”

  1. 1 Steve Nizer


    Nice looking site. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Taking a quick look, I see we share the same issues in our suppport for the man: climate change, civility, etc. Anyways, if your interested check out



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