McCain Op-Ed: The war you’re not reading about


By mid-Sunday morning, John McCain’s Op-Ed on the hidden successes in Iraq was the most viewed internet article the Washington Post’s website. After a careful review of emerging positive trends in Iraq’s capital city, McCain cautions against further politicization of the war:

“There is no guarantee that we will succeed, but we must try. As every sensible observer has concluded, the consequences of failure in Iraq are so grave and so threatening for the region, and to the security of the United States, that to refuse to give Petraeus’s plan a chance to succeed would constitute a tragic failure of American resolve. I hope those who cite the Iraq Study Group’s conclusions note that James Baker wrote on this page last week that we must have bipartisan support for giving the new strategy time to succeed. This is not a moment for partisan gamesmanship or for one-sided reporting. The stakes are just too high.”



One Response to “McCain Op-Ed: The war you’re not reading about”

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