And now for something really cool…


Today was a busy day at work. I was unable to listen to Sen. McCain’s VMI speech nor participate in the blogference call. However, email brought my late afternoon “McCain Alert” right on time. As usual, the links pointed a standard fare of negative news coverage. I went home thinking dully, “alas, more of the same.”

It was quite a pleasure then to log on this evening and discover vis-a-vis Blogs for McCain a small tidal wave of support for the Senator and his speech. Today’s advocates included heavy hitters such as the opinion editors at the Wall Street Journal and LA Times.

It’s about time.

In a separate but related article, Dante Chinni of the CS Monitor lamented yesterday that he’s heard scant little about media dissatisfaction from the blogging community. He’s invited us to share our concerns. You can bet this McCain blogger has a little something to say. You can reach Dante here.


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