McCain unafraid to own his ideas


John McCain at VMI

In a review of presidential hopefuls, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan writes how Sen. John McCain distinguishes himself from the peanut gallery:

“You can agree or disagree with Mr. McCain, but where he stands is clear — and clarity these days, from our candidates, feels like a gift. As does certitude. He isn’t running from the war but owning it. A political rival might say, “He has no choice.” But there’s always a choice,

My larger point, however, is that he sounded like a serious man addressing a serious issue in a serious way. This makes him at the moment stand out.”

Noonan is less complimentary of the competition. On Rudy Giuliani, she notices:

“There is an embarrassing ad-hoc-ness, a bush-leagueness to this. It’s as if he hasn’t thought it through, as if he’s just deciding everything each day. But by the time you’re running for president you should have decided.”

On Mike Huckabee, Noonan examines on his most recent nugget of wisdom:

“He said if Republicans don’t start judging the private lives of the Republican candidates for president they should just “apologize to Bill Clinton.” That’ll class things up. Mitt Romney at the same time was talking about shooting varmints with all the rifles he does or does not own.”

And, finally, on Hillary Clinton, Noonan observes:

“None of these are as bad as what may be the worst moment in the entire campaign so far, that being Hillary Clinton‘s adopting of a deep Southern drawl when she spoke at a church last month in Selma, Ala.

Ah don’t feel no ways tarred, ah come too far. . . . And the chair of all the mares in the country, Mare Palmer from Trenton, New Jersey . . .”

Wall Street Journal subscribers can click here to read the entire article. And for those who aren’t, Peggy Noonan’s columns alone may be worth the monthly $9.95 price.




2 Responses to “McCain unafraid to own his ideas”

  1. 1 Steve Nizer

    Yeah, McCain is one of the few people who doesn’t want to play politics with our collective security. The Democrats are too scared of their left-wing to do anything constructive.

  1. 1 Exploring McCainia » Blog Archive » Musings on McCain: Independent, New Media, and Blogosphere on McCain’s Campaign….Iraq, Peggy Noonan, George Will, the NY Times, and One Blogger Already Vetting VPs

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