“I’m not running for president to preside over our decline”


Associated Photo of Senator McCainCall it like it is, Senator McCain.

Today, the Senator openly acknowledged the fearful rumbling in our nation’s underbelly: that we might be sliding down a less-than-gilded path towards a post-Cleopatra Rome. And, rather than medicate us with pretty but politically-neutered campaign promises, McCain dares again to take the bull by the horn. In a major policy speech, Senator McCain addressed seven areas where bold policies will breath lasting vitality into the American economy and way of life.

1. Balanced Budget: “When the government’s budget is tighter, the family’s budget won’t have to be.”

2. Line Item Veto: “Give me the pen, and I’ll use it. I won’t just talk about it, or threaten it, or use it once and put it back in the drawer to gather dust.”

3. Commit to open global markets: “Here’s what the demagogues don’t tell you. America is the world’s biggest exporter, importer, producer, saver, investor, manufacturer, and innovator. Americans don’t run from the challenge of a global economy. We are the global economy.”

5. Reform support for dislocated workers: “No one should have to wait until they are laid off to build a better life.”

4. Performance focused government:We’re not going to hide anything behind bureaucratic doubletalk that a linguist with a PhD in accounting couldn’t decipher. Believe me, that’s going to help change the way we buy things in Washington.”

6. Fix Social Security and Medicare: “A half century ago, sixteen American workers supported every retiree. Today, it’s just three. Soon, it will be only two.”

7. Pork barrel spending*: “I support a proposal to eliminate earmarks completely. Saying cutting earmarks in half is like saying you want to get rid of half the drug dealers.”

Want more? Click here to see McCain in action.


* In 1996 there were only 3,055 earmarks. In 2004 there were 14,211 of them, costing some $52.69 billion dollars.


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