McCain’s declaration of energy independence


Declaring Energy IndependenceWe are a nation that runs on oil. No part of modern life is untouched by the unique properties of “liquid gold” — from gasoline to plastics to food to medicines. Our tremendous prosperity and opportunities are, in fact, dependent on it. Yet, we’ve learned there are steep price-tags attached to our dependency, namely climate change and energy security. Reconciling a problem of this magnitude (i.e. maintaining our way of life without self-destructing in the process) may well be the great conundrum of our time.

Never afraid to face even the most daunting issue directly, John McCain presented his national policy on energy and climate change to the Center for Strategic & International Studies this week. In essence, he announced a declaration of energy independence. Here’s an excerpt.

“Fortunately, there are times in a nation’s history when great challenges coalesce with great moments of opportunity.

The strategy I propose won’t be another grab bag of handouts to this or that industry and a full employment act for lobbyists. It will promote the diversification and conservation of our energy sources that will in sufficient time break the dominance of oil in our transportation sector just as we diversified away from oil use in electric power generation thirty years ago; and substantially reduce the impact of our energy consumption on the planet. It will rely on the genius and technological prowess of American industry and science. Government must set achievable goals, but the markets should be free to produce the means. And those means are within our reach.

Click here to read the entire speech. To read the New York Times coverage of his speech, click here.


4 Responses to “McCain’s declaration of energy independence”

  1. Hello, Lorraine-

    This is a note to let you know that your two most recent posts have been included in the latest “Musings on McCain”, Sunday, 4.29.2007. Very well-written, and packed with great information.


  2. 2 Seattle


    I was on the blogger’s conference call with McCain last week. I asked him specifically what we should be doing to roll out plug-in electric hybrids and other alternatives to oil. His answer was spot on! Not only is he behind nuclear energy, he thinks “gets it” when it comes to the attendant national security concerns with our oil addiction! Plus he is cognizant about the potential to help the environment!!!

    Viva McCain!

  3. 3 Jan_MD

    To All John McCain supporters,
    With the energy consumption growing and currently 85% of world energy supplied by fossil fuels and 97% of our transportation system depending on oil, it is clear that a replacement must be secured for a stable and affordable energy supply, and we as a country must begin the process of transition to alternative source of energy, transportation fuels and transportation methods.

    McCain. our future President of United States should announce “The United States Energy Independence Plan 2018” a plan comparable to the past monumental projects like Manhattan or Apollo, (at its peak, the Apollo program employed 400,000 Americans and required the support of over 20,000 industrial firms and universities) to achieve the goal of national energy independence in the next 10 years Let’s show to the American people our republican courage and political will to announce such a radical plan and to put our nation on a path of achieving Energy Independence before 2018.

    It must be clear to us that no single technological project in the next ten years will be more important to the long-range prosperity of United States and humankind; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish. It must be clear to ALL Americans that energy policy and energy independence is more significant as increases in social entitlement programs or tax cuts. Without energy, current economies will collapse and increased energy prices are limiting our economic growth.

    Our Republican/John McCain presidential campaign could be based and won on our USA Energy Independence Program.

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