McCain Tops GOP Poll


Last summer, John McCain hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.We knew it was coming.

According to the April 30 poll by American Research Group, our man McCain is now leading the Republican pack in the three early states. No doubt, his leadership on all-things-difficult is likewise resonating with Americans across the nation.

  • In Iowa ( the “liberties we prize, our rights we will maintain” state), McCain leads with 26% to Giuliani’s 19%, Romney’s 14% and Thompson’s 13%.
  • In the “Live Free or Die” state (aka: New Hampshire) McCain tops the polls with 29%. In comparison, Giuliani’s at 17%, Romney’s at 24% and Thompson’s at 7%.
  • And, in South Carolina (the “while I breathe, I hope” state), McCain tops the polls with 36% to Giuliani’s 23%, Romney’s 6% and Thompson’s 1o%.

Click here to view the entire poll.



2 Responses to “McCain Tops GOP Poll”

  1. 1 moxymedia

    Thanks for signing up for the book challenge – I too am looking forward to everyone’s choices in books. I’m working my way through Hillary Clinton’s _Living History_ right now, and John McCain’s _Faith of my Fathers_ is up next. Looking forward to your insight!


  1. 1 Exploring McCainia » Blog Archive » Musings on McCain: What the New Media Is Saying About the Campaign - Euphoria over NH/Iowa/SC Poll Numbers, and some CA Debate Previews

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