In a nation divided, McCain is a uniter


Today, we stand a divided nation, without confidence in government nor vision for the future. The polarizing anxieties of war, illegal immigration, climate change, energy independence, etc. have taken a toll on our collective sense-of-self and those who lead us. According to a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll, only 35% of Americans are satisfied with the President and Congress. The unrelenting media coverage of our failings reinforces (incites?) the ongoing disappointment . Polls themselves play a influential role in the public mind…and, all too often, in the minds of our policymakers. The Weekly Standard writes today about poll-fearing Republicans surrendering their values in an attempt to assuage populist nervousness.

When lawmakers succumb to polling trends – rather than governing with conscientiousness, intellect and backbone – a self-perpetuating cycle ensues. The resulting ad hoc policies invariably fall short of expectations. The public becomes cynical, disillusioned, and fractured. The polls reflect their dissatisfaction often vis-a-vis complex issues. The lawmakers scramble again to appease. It is, of course, an unintentional but sinister race to the bottom….

But the free fall is not irreversible. Now, more than at any time in recent history, America needs a President who can bridge national divides, navigate the rough waters ahead, and lead our nation into a bright future. Yet, the problems of the day require far more than mere optimism and hopeful rhetoric. In fact, our next President must possess an unprecedented depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and integrity. He must have confidence in the American ideal but that is not enough. Our next leader must also intimately understand the complexities of governing the world’s most powerful nation, possess the moral fortitude to stand by prudent but unpopular policies, and be ready to look beyond partisan pettiness and engage the entire body politic.

mcca21499a.jpgOnly one candidate meets this rigorous litmus test: John McCain. His record stands solidly on its own. His integrity is unquestionable. His legacy of bi-partisan legislation has been prescient and unifying. And, he is as conscientious as he is compassionate. That’s why he has my full confidence.

For more information on John McCain, check out his official website. For policy buffs, take a few minutes to peruse his speeches.


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    Update to the Presidential Candidate Book Challenge…I’ve moved it over to “Talk” to you soon!

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