McCain On Meet the Press: Doing the right thing


Though advertised as serious news, all too often Meet the Press transmigrates into the “Tim Russert Show.” Not this time. Today, John McCain’s depth of experience, intellect and integrity took center stage.

During the interview, the Maverick senator embodied a novel idea: a political leader who learns from his mistakes, who can adjust fire when conditions changes. Consider this statement:

You know what I found out? That every time I’ve done something from what may have been influenced by political reasons, I’ve regretted it. Every time that I’ve done something that I think is right, it’s turned out OK in the end.

Then he said this about his evolving position on ethanol production:

I have adjusted to the realities of the world we live in today, and if I don’t adjust to those realities, then I would be stuck in the past. I have to adjust to the realities. The realities today are that we have a serious problem with climate change, which I have been concerned about for many years, and we have a far more serious challenge as associated with our dependence on foreign oil.

Rocket science? Obviously not. But McCain’s astute adaptability is a rare but sorely needed characteristic among leaders. Click here for the entire transcripts.


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