McCain stands above the fray


John McCain alone took the high ground during tonight’s debate.

Not because he’s nearly cracked-the-nut of immigration reform by working with the otherwise rancorous Democrats.

Not because he views fiscal responsibility as equal parts a tax and spending issue.

And, not because he’d rather lose this election than give in to national white-knuckledness and surrender in Iraq.

No. It’s much bigger than that: John McCain knows civilization itself is on the line when it comes to using torture.

It seemed like his argument could have been easily misinterpreted. He didn’t say he wouldn’t use torture in the most dire circumstances. He said he might in that “one-in-one-million” situation where the means might justify the end. But that’s one-in-one million, folks. A needle in a haystack. A teardrop in the rain.

But far more significantly, John McCain understood a very serious truth tonight: that millions of people across the world would hear about the debate. Maybe even the captors of our three young American Soldiers in Iraq. Accordingly, John McCain knows we are the standardbearers of the entire world. We are the penultimate trendsetters…and, if we flippantly agree to torture, if we set our clock back to time of the Spanish Inquisition, then all of civil society goes with us. And, is that the bright future where we want to lead our nation? our world?

All I can say is this: Thank you John McCain for being a thinking man with conviction, a humane man with backbone, a decent man 24/7. After tonight’s debate, particularly because his stand on torture, I am more convinced than ever that McCain is the only candidate truly qualified to be our President.


One Response to “McCain stands above the fray”

  1. 1 Steve Nizer

    You raise a good point. America is often put on the defensive regarding human rights stuff, even though we’ve been a beacon of freedom since that fateful July day in 1776. I’m glad McCain said no to torture.

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