Commonsense Editorial: Don’t derail immigration


From the Deseret Morning News, a mainstream paper with consistently conservative and well-reasoned opinion pieces:

Harry Truman coined the phrase “Do nothing Congress.” But if the wobbly coalition holds between liberal and conservative lawmakers and keeps the new immigration reform bill on track, this could be the “Git ‘er done Congress.”
Few social issues bedevil American politicians, law enforcement officials, employers and social activists more than that of finding a way to deal with the tidal wave of illegal immigrants. Now, at last, the train seems to be leaving the station.
Citizens of the United States, please, don’t derail the thing.
Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall. The bill is not perfect, but it is passable.
Pass it.

First of all, detractors should keep in mind that to be here illegally is not a felony, though the $5,000 fee being imposed on illegal immigrants is felony level punishment.
Make them pay, then let them stay.
To do otherwise would be to callously tighten the thumbscrews on suffering families, jittery employers, exhausted immigration officers and distracted lawmakers.
The practical reasons for the bill hold true: America needs the workers. Deporting everybody would be an impossible undertaking at an impossible cost and would be a fool’s errand.
This bill isn’t amnesty. It’s more like probation. Contribute to the welfare of the nation and you get a “stay out of jail” card — a “Z” visa. Mess up and you go home or go to the calaboose. And the borders will not be as friendly should you decided to try to slip back in.
If illegal immigrants want to become U.S. citizens or get resident cards, they need to return to their native lands and apply — and that goes for Chileans, Cambodians, Mexicans, Dominicans and the blue men of Morocco.
The bill is imperfect. It winks at family ties in favor of job skills. It gives a break to people who have broken the law. But just the fact it is making everybody annoyed means it may have a chance.
Middle ground is never easy to find. This bill comes close.
Congress needs to pass it now or spend the next two years wishing it had.

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