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Well, folks, I’ve just been invited to join the fight. My National Guard unit activated me this week to train troops for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. Most likely, I’ll take a trip the sandbox myself this time next year. It’s been a long time coming and I’m anxious to shoulder my fair share of […]

This just in from the Big Apple… The New York Police Department Honor Legion apparently has no qualms about honoring one presidential hopeful on another candidate’s home turf. Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain of Arizona was slated to receive the Man of the Year award last night at the group’s 97th annual award dinner […]

Rep. Tom Tancredo could learn a lot from John McCain. While I normally respect the Colorado Congressman, Tancredo’s recent ideological rigidity and political opportunism has resulted in a discouraging outcome. Now, thanks to the likes of inflexible leaders like Tancredo, we may very well spend another decade in immigration LaLaLand. But John McCain, always the […]

 Couldn’t resist sharing a litte Leno genius… Jay Leno: There are three new books out now about Hillary Clinton. One on each of her positions on the Iraq war. … The FDA has approved a pill that stops a woman’s cycle and prevents PMS. This could end of “The View” as we know it. … […]

John McCain made a careless slip during last night’s debate: he dared to hope for the safe, prosperous and free future of the Iraqi people. In the polemically-charged Post-Cold War era, such hopes are characterized as cultural narcissism. Subsequent actions, if undertaken by Americans, are deemed “imperialist.” It’s no wonder, then, that few politicians venture […]

It was a stellar evening for the Maverick Senator… He set the tempo and tenor for the discourse, humanity intact and without missing a beat. Even the most rancorous pundits were impressed with John McCain tonight…. National Review’s John Podhoretz: “McCain At His Best.” (John Podhoretz, National Review’s “The Corner” Blog, “McCain At His Best,” […]