John McCain: “I do what is right”


John McCain and colleaguesRep. Tom Tancredo could learn a lot from John McCain. While I normally respect the Colorado Congressman, Tancredo’s recent ideological rigidity and political opportunism has resulted in a discouraging outcome. Now, thanks to the likes of inflexible leaders like Tancredo, we may very well spend another decade in immigration LaLaLand.

But John McCain, always the gentleman, ever the leader, continues to take the high ground even after his Immigration Bill stalled in the Senate. An Associated Press article captured his thoughts.

“I do what I think is right,” McCain told a town-hall audience in Iowa. “The people of Arizona sent me to Washington to do the hard things. They didn’t expect me to go there and say ‘no’ and do nothing about our broken border.”

The Senator didn’t stop there, however. His statements reflect a deep sense of commitment to basic human decency.

“[My constituents] expect me to act and preserve our security and also address the human side of it. Two-hundred people died in the desert of Arizona last year trying to come across, so I will continue to work to try to address the issue of illegal immigration,” McCain said.

As when his does, you can bet this McCain supporter will be behind him all the way.


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