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Neapolitans are knee-deep in refuse this week./AP photo Naples is buried in garbage. Never mind that this ancient city has survived war, conquest, disease and natural disasters for millenium. Nowadays, Italy’s most populous city is overcome by an increasingly familiar phenomena: political indecision. Today, a New York Times article describes the situation: As trash dumps […]

Though advertised as serious news, all too often Meet the Press transmigrates into the “Tim Russert Show.” Not this time. Today, John McCain’s depth of experience, intellect and integrity took center stage. During the interview, the Maverick senator embodied a novel idea: a political leader who learns from his mistakes, who can adjust fire when […]

Prior to the Republican debate, MSNBC asked John McCain’s wife Cindy about her thoughts on the horse race, her sons’ military service, and her husband’s qualifications for the Presidency. Cindy’s answers reveal a genuine, direct and thinking person — just what you’d expect from John McCain’s other half. As a bonus, the segment features the […]

We are a nation that runs on oil. No part of modern life is untouched by the unique properties of “liquid gold” — from gasoline to plastics to food to medicines. Our tremendous prosperity and opportunities are, in fact, dependent on it. Yet, we’ve learned there are steep price-tags attached to our dependency, namely climate […]

Though perches itself high upon a moral pedastal, thier simplified cries of outrage utterly fail to address (let alone identify) the complex problems facing Americans today. Ironically (or perhaps, logically), their latest target continues to tackle such core issues honestly and directly. In a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies tomorrow, […]

Bait and Switch


No bait-and-switch for John McCain

Years before the recent and fashionable “greening” of Democrats on Capitol Hill, Sen. John McCain, with Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), drafted legislation addressing global climate change. While their 2003 bill died a lukewarm death, the duo paved the way for meaningful political debate on the issue. In 2007, Sen. McCain and Lieberman are at it […]