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Satirist Mark Januzelli’s rendition of economic policy solving. Advertisements

Though advertised as serious news, all too often Meet the Press transmigrates into the “Tim Russert Show.” Not this time. Today, John McCain’s depth of experience, intellect and integrity took center stage. During the interview, the Maverick senator embodied a novel idea: a political leader who learns from his mistakes, who can adjust fire when […]

This is a first posting (ever) of cartoonist Mark Januzelli’s interpretation of federal fiscal responsibility. I’m guessing the Senator sees it just about the same.

Tired of all the fat that comes with the “other white meat?” Do you consider $500,000 for a teapot museum a wise investment of public dollars? How about $1.3 million for Alaskan berry research? Only my grandmother might agree. But if you’re a little more prudent with your finances and expect the same from our […]

Call it like it is, Senator McCain. Today, the Senator openly acknowledged the fearful rumbling in our nation’s underbelly: that we might be sliding down a less-than-gilded path towards a post-Cleopatra Rome. And, rather than medicate us with pretty but politically-neutered campaign promises, McCain dares again to take the bull by the horn. In a […]