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Well, folks, I’ve just been invited to join the fight. My National Guard unit activated me this week to train troops for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. Most likely, I’ll take a trip the sandbox myself this time next year. It’s been a long time coming and I’m anxious to shoulder my fair share of […]

Duty and Honor


John McCain served as POW from October 26, 1967 to March 14th 1973. This short video tells the compelling story of his honor, humor and leadership amidst the worst possible conditions. It’s worth noting that while starting off a little hokey, the video respectfully refrains from exploiting the stark images depicting his incarceration.

If the GOP is to select the best leaders for tomorrow, it’s essential to separate media-invoked values from the party’s true foundation. Alarmingly, faith has been among the causalities. Faith has long been a darling of the media. However, in recent years media coverage has increasingly focused on Republican leaders who are openly religious, who […]