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Rep. Tom Tancredo could learn a lot from John McCain. While I normally respect the Colorado Congressman, Tancredo’s recent ideological rigidity and political opportunism has resulted in a discouraging outcome. Now, thanks to the likes of inflexible leaders like Tancredo, we may very well spend another decade in immigration LaLaLand. But John McCain, always the […]

Neapolitans are knee-deep in refuse this week./AP photo Naples is buried in garbage. Never mind that this ancient city has survived war, conquest, disease and natural disasters for millenium. Nowadays, Italy’s most populous city is overcome by an increasingly familiar phenomena: political indecision. Today, a New York Times article describes the situation: As trash dumps […]

Okay, maybe “utter success” is a (big) stretch. But a funny thing happens when members of Congress actually craft a solution to the seemingly impossible: they earn the confidence of thier countrymen and women. (Nancy Pelosi are you listening?) A New York Times/CNN poll today found broad public support for Senate’s immigration bill, sponsored in […]

…so observes New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks, when cross-referencing the Founding Father’s reverence for virtue and civic duty with the bill’s portal to good citizenship. He writes: Aspiring immigrants would learn, from an early age, what sort of person the U.S. is looking for. In a break from the current system, this bill […]

From the Deseret Morning News, a mainstream paper with consistently conservative and well-reasoned opinion pieces: Harry Truman coined the phrase “Do nothing Congress.” But if the wobbly coalition holds between liberal and conservative lawmakers and keeps the new immigration reform bill on track, this could be the “Git ‘er done Congress.” Few social issues bedevil […]

John McCain didn’t earn the nickname “Maverick” for playing nice at patty cake. Instead, he earned his firebrad reputation by taking on the status-quo (aka: political safety zone) to do what’s right for America. This time, McCain is facing down the contentious issue of immigration reform. He’s moving forward now, despite the risks to his […]

Last night, NPR’s This American Life featured a heart-rendering vignette about a bright, industrious UCLA pre-med student. The story might end happily were it not for the fact that the student is an illegal immigrant, snuck into LA by her mother at age 9. Despite her illegal status, the young woman attended public schools and […]