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John McCain made a careless slip during last night’s debate: he dared to hope for the safe, prosperous and free future of the Iraqi people. In the polemically-charged Post-Cold War era, such hopes are characterized as cultural narcissism. Subsequent actions, if undertaken by Americans, are deemed “imperialist.” It’s no wonder, then, that few politicians venture […]

It was a stellar evening for the Maverick Senator… He set the tempo and tenor for the discourse, humanity intact and without missing a beat. Even the most rancorous pundits were impressed with John McCain tonight…. National Review’s John Podhoretz: “McCain At His Best.” (John Podhoretz, National Review’s “The Corner” Blog, “McCain At His Best,” […]

From the Deseret Morning News, a mainstream paper with consistently conservative and well-reasoned opinion pieces: Harry Truman coined the phrase “Do nothing Congress.” But if the wobbly coalition holds between liberal and conservative lawmakers and keeps the new immigration reform bill on track, this could be the “Git ‘er done Congress.” Few social issues bedevil […]

Today, we stand a divided nation, without confidence in government nor vision for the future. The polarizing anxieties of war, illegal immigration, climate change, energy independence, etc. have taken a toll on our collective sense-of-self and those who lead us. According to a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll, only 35% of Americans are satisfied with the […]

Sen. John McCain inaugurated his official candidacy this week with such vigor and vision that even the normally pejorative mainstream media took notice. See highlights below. Fox News’ Mort Kondracke: “McCain’s Announcement Speech Was The Best Of All The Announcement Speeches Made This Year … It Was Reaganesque.” “I thought McCain’s announcement speech was the […]

Today was a busy day at work. I was unable to listen to Sen. McCain’s VMI speech nor participate in the blogference call. However, email brought my late afternoon “McCain Alert” right on time. As usual, the links pointed a standard fare of negative news coverage. I went home thinking dully, “alas, more of the […]

By mid-Sunday morning, John McCain’s Op-Ed on the hidden successes in Iraq was the most viewed internet article the Washington Post’s website. After a careful review of emerging positive trends in Iraq’s capital city, McCain cautions against further politicization of the war: “There is no guarantee that we will succeed, but we must try. As […]